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midsummer energy guide


Traditionally Litha, Summer Solstice or Midsummer is a celebration of the Goddess and God at the height of their power.

They are the King and Queen of the fertile lands, and together they rule over the fertile, growing Earth. Their mature love for each other ensures the success of the ripening crops.

The God is the living representation of the summer sun,

the Sun King who nurtures and protects the Earth Goddess.

Midsummer is a turning point of light, and we are invited to drop into the heart space, drop into the womb, the breath, and open to receive more life force from the Sun at his most powerful.

This light also supports you in what you want to grow next.

Direct your attention into the heart space

and what you’re opening up to,

what you want to grow, blossom, bloom in your life.

It’s a choice point, a threshold and your next steps will define your life.

The door is open, will you choose to step through?

Now you decide where you want to go in life, where to direct your focus, energy, and intention. Let your heart of hearts guide you, listen to the whisper of the ancestors, and to the voice in your deepest core.

Then trust, surrender, and flow.

Trust in the overall rightness of life, in love.

It’s time to purge the fears and find your true path, your true voice.

You may notice you have a lower tolerance for lower vibrational relationships. Look hard at what is not aligned with your highest path – you’re being called to embody your full YES!

To allow magic back in your life

We often need to find our full No, before we can embody our Yes – the time is not to do anything half heartedly, move from the head to the heart, listen to that call that is emerging from your core.

It is becoming very hard to ignore.

Don’t fear being thrust into chaos – chaos and conflict is creation energy, it’s the birth canal for new life, new power.

Be present, be fluid, be adaptable.

On the other side of the chaos and the mess is pure bliss.

Wishing you a blessed solstice and full yes-ness - you deserve it!


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