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energy guide june


Every month I offer a channeled guide to help you navigate the energies of the coming month in a way that best serves your highest light & potential.

We’ve been stretched beyond belief recently, all our shadows emerging to be seen and healed. Thoughts and emotions coming up, triggers all around us, creating a big mess, culminating with the full moon eclipse and Mercury retrograde

Thank you May! Welcome to the June clearing!

This month is about beginning to get clear,

both energetically and physically.

Anything that is not serving us and we resist letting go off,

will be removed at a later time.

Anything built on shifting sands will collapse in a huge Tower moment – but remember the Tower collapses

to make room for the new, for truth, it forces us to let go.

The trick is to become aware of the old stories, and the inner child that is still reacting from unhealed trauma and conditioning. Only when we stand in sovereignty, making choices from a place of truth and love, can we be truly free.

If we don’t live from the heart but base our lives on

what we think those around us want,

on how they tell us we “should” be, act, live,

on ideas planted in childhood of how to be a good person,

we will never stand in the light and live our full potential.

Maybe that’s ok,

maybe that’s a fairly comfortable life on the surface,

and maybe, just maybe......

– we can hear the soul and the ancestors calling us to step forward, to dare leave the comfort zone,

and all we were told to be, remember why we came here, remember that our life is sacred,

and re-connect to the light of the star we came from.


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